VIC Tapered 26" fork FOUND


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Item: Tapered 26" fork.
Location: Dromana. Victoria
Price range/Willing to Pay: $200ish
Extra Info: Wanting to replace the budget spec marzocchi on my new DJ bike. Looking for something easily lowerable like revelations or floats, ect

Happy to pay more or less depending on the fork
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Likes Dirt
Axle? Assuming 100mm travel or there about?
Ideally, please. I'm happy to lower if it's a simple as spacers or air shaft.

Non boost and axle size is irrelevant because god invented hope hubs
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For a good time call 1194
She did….just wasn’t sure you’d want QR on a DJ. I find RS qr forks a bit noodley. Lowered revs probably ok though, as you hinted at.
If 120mm isn’t too much, keep an eye out for DPA 120/150mm pikes. Pre Covid you could pick them up for under $250. That’s what I banged on Felix’s jump bike. Light years ahead of other older 32mm RS I’ve run.