Suspicious - Possible Stolen Focus Hardtail TAS


Eats Squid
OK, so I have seen this druunkard bogan with no teeth riding around on this really nice Focus Hardtail around Moonah.
I think it might be a Raven Expert (Value about $5,500 AUD).

I had a chat to him at the ATM the other day trying to suss it out and the guy seems to be under the impression that "It's a pretty sick bike, a mate 'gave it to him', except he crashed it when he was drunk and that's why there's blood on the bike'. He has no idea of what he is riding, or what it's worth.

I see the guy almost daily around the Moonah CBD smoking and drinking beer out of a paper bag.

If this is your bike, take a stroll through Monnah around 5:00PM and you'll see him. The bike looks mint so is pretty new. No mud and all the stanchions and paintwork seem really nice and clean like it's pretty much straight out of the shop.
About 45 years old, dirty unkempt bogan, no teeth, no helmet, stained filthy clothes, long grey brown hair tied in a pony tail.

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