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Hi everyone
this may sounds like a stupid question, but i have a anthem X2, and was wondering how the hell do i set up my forks, rear shocks etc,been riding for a long time,and never adjusted anything, so on weekend i put 120psi in the front and same in the rear,and it was all over the place, can someone explain rebound,etc in english and basic setup stuff


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Travel refers to how much movement a suspension mechanism allows. It usually measures how much the wheel axle moves.

Preload refers to the force applied to spring component before external loads, such as rider weight, are applied. More preload makes the suspension sag less and less preload makes the suspension sag more. Adjusting preload affects the ride height of the suspension.

Rebound refers to the rate at which the suspension component returns to its original configuration after absorbing a shock. The term also generally refers to rebound damping or rebound damping adjustments on shocks, which vary the rebound speed. More rebound damping will cause the shock to return at a slower rate.

Sag refers to how much a suspension moves under just the static load of the rider. Sag is often used as one parameter when tuning a suspension for a rider. Spring preload is adjusted until the desired amount of sag is measured.

Source: wikipedia

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120psi seems a tad excessive?
I'd be adding a little extra at a time and having a ride in between to test..
All the extra air pressure is going to do is increase your spring preload - See above post

Also, see if you can find the figures on static sag for your suspension & look up how to set up the sag properly.. makes a good bit of difference to handling!