Super Deluxe weird noise/notchy travel


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I've got a Super Deluxe rear shock on my Process. It makes a squishing noise in the first 10-15% of travel, and feels weird. It sounds exactly like this:

I'm not that bothered by the sound, and I don't really notice it riding. But it's weird, it feels like the part of the travel that makes noise is damped differently to the rest of the travel - you can feel a slight notchiness through the saddle when compressing it past that point.

Does anyone know what causes this? If it's an actual problem I'd rather get it fixed in a service now, rather than wait. Rockshox rear shocks seem to have a high failure rate on both my bikes and friends bikes.


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Take the aircan off and push about again.

Looks like air in the damper circuit, but aircan noises are possibly masking things somewhat


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The 50hr service (which I did at 5hrs) made a huge difference to my super deluxe. It takes about 15 minutes and provided you have a strap wrench and some slikhoney it's a piece of piss.