Product Review SR Suntour Durolux R2C2


What an utterly excellent review Zaf! Thanks for taking the time to write it up!

It’s the noise that makes me think twice about purchasing one. Yes, I’m one of those guys But wow - they really have put a huge amount of work into the design.
Great write up, definetly has me interested. Sort of wrote them off after the the Pinkbike review and the issues they had with the R2C2 damper. The noise though might put me off.
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trying to get a reply from the North American website about A-C measurements but having no luck. Super keen, but need to know how stuffed the handling of my 26inch bike is going to be!
The current price on the US website is very impressive.

Found a few measurements from web reviews. Nothing official from Suntours website, so treat the below measurements with caution:

Travel: 160 mm A-C: 563 mm (Euro MTB magazine website)
Travel: 180 mm A-C: 595 mm (Listing on eBay)
@Zaf how are you finding the Crconceptio damper? Does it have hsc and lsc adjustment? Were they easy to deal with? Any reliability issues?

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No issues, it's a really simple design open bath damper with a needle style damper adjust the flow rate, then just using different oil weights and viscosity will fine tune it.
Super easy install as well, and a massive range of adjustment on the dials. fully turned in rebound almost keeps the fork locked down, and wound out will result in a reasonable top out clunk. It's also back to front, the rebound control is at the top of the fork, and compression is underneath the lower leg.
No lsc/hsc? Sounds like an old school Marzocchi.

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I gave my Durolux a service recently before Ignition.

There was a difference in running the fork with 10mm of oil in the lowers. I was finding before the service some stiction, mainly on climbing and at low speed. The oil in the lowers sorted this out.

Another very noticeable thing is the noise on these forks. As @Zaf said, the noise of the circuits is noticeable, but not horrible.

Something that did stick out though, especially at Falls, was the rattle over repeated short sharp hits. It was a little off putting to begin with, and I thought I might not have put the lowers back on properly, but it was the negative spring pinging about. Again, not a huge deal, but something to get used to.

The pressures and tokens took me a little while to sort out as well, I've settled now with no tokens and using 80 percent of the travel most of the time and hitting the rest only on really big hits / my nose heavy landings stuff ups.

So far I'm glad I took the punt on these, great performance and value for money.