VIC SOLD - 2014 Banshee Spitfire - Large - Black


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2014 Banshee Spitfire V2 frame - Large - Ano Black.

Bundoora/Melbourne, Vic.

Item Condition:
Excellent, some minor anodizing scuffs on the top tube, and chain slap marks on the inside of the seat stay.

Reason for selling:
Making the move to a 2017 XL frame due to lower back issues on the large.

Price and price conditions:
$800 pickup. Price drop to $750.
Can post at buyer's cost, or deliver within an hour's drive for nothin'.

Extra Info:
Has a Hope ZS44/56 headset, cSixx chainstay protector, 27.5/142x12 dropouts, and a CCDB Air CS.

To be honest, I've had some issues with this shock, hence the low price... it just kept blowing seals.
It has been rebuilt a couple of times at Tekin (RIP), and the last time it had a custom seal installed before I replaced it with a Coil CS.
Perhaps NSD could work some magic on it if troubles arise?
Shock size is 200x57.

I can snag some more pics upon request.

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I have been dreading seeing this up for sale.. I have been considering downgrading travel from the Rune, to a Spitty, for a while.

So has the shock been okay since the last service?


Eats Squid
The two times I rode on the DB Air after the last rebuild was at a Youies shuttle day which was all good, then at Buxton, and I noticed it had sunken into the travel and wasn't rebounding properly by the time I got to the final descent.

I removed all the air and pumped it back up and it returned to its original position, but I haven't ridden it since, so I don't know if it's a one-off freak occurrence, or if it's gonna continue to be problematic.

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If you would please assist my interest:

Internal or external dropper?

Seat post diameter?

27.5 and 142x12?

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Swap it out covert. Black banshee for black banshee. It doesn't make sense not to.
I have been telling him this!!! Nobody would be wiser. Sell the one you prefer the least. It's not like he'll keep both...

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Keep both under a sheet...wife won't notice them that way. Then pick something trivial that you don't care for either way and ask her if you can buy it. She will feel important that way.