Snake bite proof socks…


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Last weekends jaunt to French Island has brought something to top of mind for me.

The weather was nice and warm, and all day, as usual I was keeping my eye out for Joe Blakes. And it was all good, till on one very grassy trail I came across a stopped eBiker, who informed me that he’d nearly run over a Copperhead. Luckily my Wife was about a hundred metres behind me and I told him in no uncertain terms to not tell my Wife. We were well into the trail and there was no point in her freaking out to the max, regardless of which way we went. Would have been disastrous.

Anyway, we are not riding dedicated mountain bike tracks so much these days, nowhere near as much as we were before and are spending much more time just generally exploring. We go on extended random unplanned rides, just following our nose, to some amazing places. I ride in front as the terrain tester, the spider web breaker and also as the snake whisperer. Me personally, snakes don’t really freak me out, as I grew up on a farm, carting hay and stuff, with lots of King Browns and Tigers, and as long as they aren’t actually biting me, I’m pretty sure they are just as glad to see the last of me, as I am of them. But my Wife is not so calm.

So, I’ve been googling snake socks… and maybe my past behaviour is catching up with me, but I keep getting webpages with extremely hot girls in faux snakeskin leggings. As scrummy as they are to look at… I could have sworn a few months ago, I’d found some supposed snake-proof socks. There are gaiters, and ankle/calf wraps but I just want socks... ones that could get stowed in my camelback, and only get dragged out, for when we get deep into it.

Is there such a thing? Does anyone here wear something in that vein?


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Does anyone here wear something in that vein?
I have snake gaiters from a company call SNAKEprotex.
Issued to me by my company when we had a snake invasion a few years back.

They are about the best whipper snipper gaiters around and even more so if you were whipper snipping hairy MTB trails but they weigh a bit and I certainly wouldn't want to ride in them.

I reckon to be labelled snake proof, they would need to be at least the thickness of the length of our venomous snakes fangs or have a special material in there like the stuff used on sharps gloves.

Loose clothing is usually enough to reduce the likelihood of a bite, maybe thick socks and a pair of hiking gaiters would do the job.


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Most snakes that will cause you any grief won't waste their venom on a fast moving and clearly non-prey item like a mountain's just not in their interest. At worst, you'll just get a head butt from a very pissed off tiger snake...which won't tickle. So don't waste your money or adrenalin. Frankly, big goannas' are far more dangerous to MTBikers than the average snake.