AM Second Time Lucky (Craftworks FRX V2)


Can hench anywhere any time
You should see my Hope lockons. Not a hint of jagged wire.
Still waiting for a nice thing to show up...

...I'll be over here when you get back from your neighbours house.

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Capital punisher
I can think of at least 10 other possibilities…chainring being the last, unless it’s new ring/old chain.

New tyre?
The chain ring is on it’s 3rd chain, and is sucking a bit, as well as the teeth being a bit hooked
And no, I haven’t gotten a new rear tire yet


Capital punisher
That is an impressive bit of work. How did you get there?
I forgot to tighten them up enough before I tried looking for my chain breaker, which I ultimately realised I had left in a park. Then I went for a ride, hucked some rock ledges to flat and rounded the spindle. I replaced the now with my spare set, as well as the tyres because one close call is enough.