Samsung fridges. Talk about crap


Well, finally found the receipt, been 3 years and 1 month. Have emailed them and told them that was unacceptable.
Turned out that I emailed the New Zealand arm, shall email the Aussie arm after work.


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I have a Samsung fridge. I like it and has lasted 5 years so far. Also have a Samsung smart tv, can be glitchy but again works well.
I know how infuriating it is when appliances shit themselves so good luck and I hope they replace it with a minimum of fuss.


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When we bought our fridge 2 years ago, we avoided Samsung due to the whole mess with the washing machines catching fire and repair process.
Now have LG fridge, washing machine, and TV. We highly rate the brand, but haven't had to claim warranty as yet.....
The company I worked for was a warranty agent for LG. They are shit. They only pay minuscule amounts to the contractors, so often you will get dodgy or substandard repairs. We refused to lower our standards and it was not worth doing the work.
Example they would only pay 1 hour labour to change a compressor. They based their estimates on what it took a technician to do it in a workshop. If someone can pick up the new compressor after delivery from LG, drive to site, remove the old one after legally reclaiming the refrigerant, change compressor, vac, recharge, commision and paperwork etc in 1 hour they must be superhuman.
At least the spare parts are cheap.