Russia Vs. America; Here we go again kids!


caviar connoisseur

Especially alarming given the bulk of the Arab Spring was kicked off by skyrocketing food prices or food instability.

Question is - at what point are steps taken to "remove" the blockade?

pink poodle

aka stickchops
Yeah that's interesting. Is it still really McDonalds or has someone just taken over all the old Maccas stores done an bit of poorly done rebranding?
Yeah I don't know, mc doodles have now exited Russia so this is meant to be their own product.
I worked in a Dometic franchise a long time ago. During that period the franchise went busy. A group of franchisees (shop owners) all came together to for a new franchise to rebrand under a new franchise.

I suspect that something similar has happened in McRussia. All the domestic supply and distribution networks would still exist and the domestic franchise staff will have that somewhere long the way people have pooled money to take over this stuff.

I hope that in the process Ronald McDouche didn't get/take a cut.

Rounding up protesters and conscripting them… Shits getting real over there :(
Could be a recipe for mass desertion and surrender. Which could be good or overwhelming for Ukraine.