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In theory it's a good idea - like friendly racing, but without the entry fees and precision of expensive timing systems. Lots of people will say that Strava isn't accurate enough, but unless you're doing really short segments, it's really not that bad.

It would have to be broken up into 3 different categories: XC climbs, XC loops and DH/Gravity Enduro descents. There would have to be enough people riding enough nominated segments to make it worthwhile. Obviously these would also have to be broken up into different geographical areas.

It would be really cool to do some Gravity Enduro events where 5 or 6 segments were nominated for a 3 week period where riders could go nuts trying to smash out good times on all of them, the winner being the best combined times overall before the cutoff deadline. Mt Macedon would be a good location and needs to be ridden to death right now as it's being logged soon and will be closed until 2020. There's plenty of good Enduro segments out there to keep people busy and conditions are primo at the moment.


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Ride categories are pretty much determined by the rides themselves so I don't think creating categories is that necessary. Ie: a loop of kurrajong is going to be XC regardless of the rider or bike. Similarly, Bandages or glory - DH.

I like the idea of events but we'll have to see if there's enough uptake.

I'm thinking just a casual group where I can see my times against other burners. Maybe give them shit if I beat them (or keep quiet if I don't).

Much like the 'club' I'm already a part of on Strava where I don't even know 80% of those in it.


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Agree re categories being apparent within disciplines.

It might be more fun if anything nominated has to be ridden (timed) from the point of nomination onwards, otherwise it's a bit of a wank to retrospectively brag about good times you smashed out years ago when you were younger, fitter and more daring. Or in a race context, such as Red Hill recently.

If there is any interest, I would propose Rotorburn Strava users to start nominating segments they will be hitting up from now on that other burners will also be riding (ie not too obscure).

It could also be a great way to get folks riding some new stuff they haven't heard about.


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Surprised it hadn't already happened. I think it's a good idea and will be fun when it reaches critical mass.

Moorey, resistance is futile.


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Like that....
I've created the group in an unofficial capacity. I'm not a lycra wearing, obnoxiously mannered Strava fiend, but I do like to track my distances and goals through Strava. Also, my Mrs likes the Beacon function while I'm out on my own.

I think this is will be a good tool for Burners to show non locals around each others local trails, as each can see who's riding where on a regular basis. Plus we can all put shit of the lazy kants that do fark all riding...... or those who ride at a"leisurely pace"!