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Got some new to me forks and wheel to match.
Swapped tyre to new wheel no problem, pulled old forks out and put new forks on to not lose anything or mess the cabling up too bad.

But I now need to get the race off the old forks, there is no gap on the forks to pop a flat head screwdriver in.

Looking for ideas on how to get it off or should I just replace the headset.

Old fork is 2015 Fox 34


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You’ll need to jam something thinner than a screwdriver in there to start the process off maybe.

Does the crown race lip sit over the fork crown at the edge at all to give it a bit of a tap from underneath, assuming it’s a reasonably burley crown race?


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Sharpen the tip of a small blade screwdriver, carefully drive it in between the two parts and then go back to using a normal screwdriver.

Mr Crudley

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This worked quite well for me and was quicker than I expected.

The blades are very cheap and easy to find.

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As above, sacrifice a cheap-arse knife blade, especially if the offending crown race doesn't have enough of a bevel on the underside for a proper remover to get under.

You'll destroy the blade in the process, but the really fine edge will get under the race and open a gap to get a thicker tool into.

Mr Crudley

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So what I took from that video was to start djently.
Yes, I was lucky enough to use one blade and use it to slow lift up the front, back and then each side.

Repeat the cycle a few times and then you have enough space to slip in a small screwdriver. Easy sailing at that point.

Take your time and use a mallet just in case you miss with your gentle blade belting.

Give it a try, just keep all of your fingers, y'hear :)

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When I recently performed this stunt I kicked off with an old box cutter, then a bitter knife from the kitchen, then a thin screw driver.

Nothing was damaged on the process.

Be sure to split the race before installing it on the new forks.