Red Bull Hardline


Grumpy Old Sarah

think Kerr hurt his hand, will be surprised if he races.
Not only racing, but qualified first after just a single interrupted practice run!


Captain obvious
BK was guttered..the last scene on his channel was him riding away from the crowds about as far as he could get past all the tents and cars, rips off his goggs and sits down in the grass by a babbling brook…didn’t even have his pooch by his side
But big ups to Jackson, the kid has talent and deserves to be on the podium


Likes Bikes and Dirt
Jackson smashed it, boys not scared and a ton of talent. If BK could of kept it upright I’ve got no doubt he would of won. .4 up in first section but down he went. Hats off to all that made it down


huskier headed gent
Gutted for BK after a great WC season and high expectations but Goldstone killed it. The challenge of racing is wanting to see both at their best on the day to see who would win but it rarely plays put that way. The next question becomes where does Jackson sit on your fantasy team next year.