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Frame: Specialized Sworks Enduro S4
Rear shock: 2021 DHX2 w/ Cane creek 450-510 Progressive Coil
Fork: Lyrik Ultimates 170mm
Handlebars: OneUp Carbon
Stem: Raceface Kash Money 40mm (on order)
Headset: Specialized
Grips: Rev Grips
Saddle: Chinese Carbon ass killer
Seatpost: KS Carbon 175mm
Brakeset: Shimano Saint, 203 Rotors
Cranks: Sram X01
Chainguide: Shovel Carbon
Chainring: Absolute Black 32t
Chain: KMC 11SL DLC Black
Cassette: X01 11sp
Shifter: XX1 11sp
Derailleur: XX1 11sp
Wheelset: LB Recon Pro 38mm Carbon rim, 350 hubs, 54t Ratchet, Rimpact in rear
Tyres: Assegai 2.5, Aggressor 2.3
Weight: 15.00KG








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B Rabbit

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So, here it is!
Wasnt really on the hunt for a new frame as the SB150 was going strong, but after 1.5yrs ish on it I was getting itchy feet. I was keen on one of these Sworks frames when they were first released however Spesh AU didnt bring any into the country. Fast forwarded to a few Tuesday evenings ago perusing the Spesh website and boom...frame only Sworks available, sweet, said drift bikes had 2 in stock, rang the next morning to confirm, yep, cool, I'll have a think about it. Rang the next morning to take the plunge, both sold! Rang my LBS, 18 month wait, Do'h! Found a shop in QLD with one and pounced.

Switched the air out for a coil straight away, she is a bit portly at 15kgs, the coil adds 300g over the air, but I'm sure it'll ride just fine :) Got some fork decals on the way, some Ti bolts and a new stem to go matchy matchy. Will be interesting to see how the progressive coil goes, loved it on the SB150, but it was fairly linear. Doubled up the frameskin on the areas that are most likely to make contact with the scenery.
Tried to paint the spring gold/bronze to match the frame decals..... but had a terrible fail, black it is.

Have a few Thredbo trips booked in coming up, so that'll be its first real test to see if it can make up for my shitty riding style.


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Mystery solved! It's not a Sentinel, but I'm sure you'll have a hoot. But for the grace of Covid unknowns, Felix would be on one. Our Spesh dealer couldn't get stock until February...if we were lucky.


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Ken oath. F*** the haters, I'd be considering one of these if I wasn't between sizes (S4 looks too small, S5 too big). They've got stellar reviews on the internets. I'd say 15kg is a great weight considering what it is and what it's probably capable of too.

Be very interested to hear how you find this compared to the SB150.


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Most importantly, how did you paint the coil and why did you bigger the first attempt up? The white progressive springs are a very bad colour choice.

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I love mine such a weapon of a bike. What frame protection did you use, It looks great.
Used invsiframe, but also got an extra roll off eBay and doubled up on the areas most likely to cop a rock strike.

also, got some extra bling from betterbolts.com, apparently they have got some other bolts for the enduro coming out soon so I’ll get some of those when the are available :)



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Got the enduro out for its first proper run on the weekend, at rockytrail green valleys race. Super unfit, the climb up was a total fuck, but bike went really well. So smooth over the chunk. Landed mid pack which is my safe happy place.
Thredbo this weekend, can’t wait to get it into some high speed stuff, it’s gunna smash it. Just wished I booked a lift ticket for Saturday, they sold out dammit.




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Nicely done, pipped you by one spot ;) did you race Saturday or Sunday?

That hill sucks ass.... my first time there and I am in no hurry to push up it again.
Haha, nice! Raced the Sunday, yeah, 5 walks up that hill and I was DONE, looking forward to a chairlift this weekend.