Posting my ride and oven appreciation.

pink poodle

Our man isn't in the West
Ha. Out of work. Dreaming of a pellet grill or wood fire oven and this popped up in my browsing. Looks epic. Also expensive. Prefer a bike for that cash. ;)
Out of work? Looking for wood powered stove? Surely you have plenty of spare time to go and steal an empty keg!

pink poodle

Our man isn't in the West
We have a wood fire and bush land across the road. Trying to get them to collect kindling is a challenge. Need to work on that.

That one's easy... No wood = no food. You just gotta be strong for a few days and they'll break. None of them are old enough to know how to call DOCS are they?

Ultra Lord

Hurts. Requires Money. And is nerdy.
The dog always freaks tf out whenever you wheel a bike near her. Just cannot handle it and bolts.
So like any responsible doggens owner, I made the dog chaser 3000 and terrorised her for a good 15 minutes today.

Pretty happy pooch when she saw me put it down