Post Your XC Machine


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Hey XC Farkiners,

Post up your XC Race bikes, and if you like tell us abit about it :wink:
Good things about it, things gone wrong?!!?

Heres mine.

I am absolutly stoked with the rear suspension design, I am a HT man my self, but after having my ATX 870 stolen i thought i might give this bike a chance. So far it is great, nice and light and when it gets rough, the rough gets going :lol: all round great geo. great starter kit for XC racing, awesome value for money!

Well from about the 3rd ride the rear suspension started developing slop, Giant replaced all the bushings under warranty, but it took about 2 months before they actually sent the proper set! after that its been sweet, up until now the rebound on the forks seems to of shit its self, only bad thing is its abit springy but no real drama. it hasnt got the lightest parts but it is a pretty good weight, still has great potential for weight savings which is always good for upgrading in the future.

Frame: ALUXX SL FluidFormed 6013 Aluminum 3.75” travel
Fork: Answer Skareb Comp 80mm Travel
Rear shock: Rockshox SID XC
Headset: FSA 1 1/8’ Ahead Sealed Integrated
Derailleur Front:Shimano Deore LX 34.9
Rear:Shimano Deore LX 9 speed
Cranks: Raceface Prodigy XC 22x32x44 175mm Splined
Shifters: Shimano Deore LX 27 speed
Cassette: Shimano Deore LX 11-34T 9 speed
Chain: Shimano Deore 9 spd
Bottombracket: Raceface ISIS SRX Splined
Hubs: Shimano Deore M525 Deore Disc 9 Speed
Rims: Mavic X223 Disc 26x32H w/Eyelets
Tires: Hutchinson Python 26x2.0 Airlight
Brakes: Shimano M475 Mechanical Disc
Brake levers: Avid AD3
Pedals: Shimano M505 Clipless SPD
Stem: Titec Fast AL 10 degree
Handlebar: Titec Hellbent XC 6061 Alloy
Seatpost: Titec X-Wing 27.2
Saddle: WTB VL1052
Grips: Velo g-16



how much did that set you back stooge ? i would post my XC bike but I cant be bothered and its gunna be gone making way for a new one


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2_fast_4_u said:
how much did that set you back stooge ?
Retail something around $2700
Paid something around $1800-$1900

Any idea on what your new rig is going to be?



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I'll post the specs now and I'll dig up a pic soon...

Frame: Raceline Expert - HT
Fork: Manitou Black Sport (considering a skareb upgrade though)
Rear shock: none
Headset: Cane Creek S2
Derailleur Front: Shimano XT
Rear:Shimano XT 9 spd
Cranks: Shimano XT (with the 48t big ring)
Shifters: Shimano LX
Cassette: XT
Chain: Durace
Bottombracket: XT
Hubs: Formula
Rims: Mavic X223 disk only
Tires: Michelin Wildgripper or Maxxis Larsen TT depending on terrain
Brakes: Hayes 6" mechs
Brake levers: Shimano XTR cable
Pedals: Eggbeater
Stem: Titec 110mm 0 deg rise
Handlebar: Answer Hyperlite flat.
Seatpost: Rock Shox suspension post
Saddle: Selle Italia TransAm
Grips: ODI Lock ons

All up she weighs in at 12.5 kgs atm, hoping to push it down soon though, now that I've finished spending cash on my DH rig.



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Frame: 2001 GT Zaskar Race, handmade Easton Ultralite tubing
Fork: 2001 Manitou Mars Comp, nonadjustable TPC
Headset: FSA Orbit
Crankset: RaceFace NEXT LP carbon+alu
Bottom Bracket: FSA Ti ISIS (can't remember exact model name)
Front Deraillieur: SRAM 9.0
Rear Deraillieur: SRAM X.0
Cassette: SRAM 9.0 11-34
Chain: KMC cheapo, broke my Wipperman so chucked it. Soon to get a SRAM 89R hollowpin 8)
Cables: Jagwire
Shifters: SRAM 9.0 Fullpipe shifters
Brakes: Shimano Alivio cable disc front, Avid V rear
Brake Levers: Shimano DX righthand, Tektro V lefthand
Handlebars: Easton CT2 carbon
Stem: Merida OEM job, soon to be replaced
Grips: SRAM stocko's
Seatpost: Easton EA70
Saddle: Selle Royale, copy of a Selle Italia
Front Hub: Real
Rear Hub: Aireal Industries
Rims: Mavic x221
Tyres: Ritchey ZMax millenium folding
Pedals: Time ATAC
Weight10.5kg / 23lb

I love this bike, it's my weightweenie project bike, taken years to get it to this spec, a labour of love. I'd really like to have a sub 22lb bike, but the frame and fork are holding it back. I'm thinking about buying new wheels soon, and I definately need new brakes (Avid cable discs, yum). But really, I should hold back and save my money. But that's no fun...
She's a bit too "racey" for general trail riding, it's got 2 speeds: flat out, or dead stop. The position doesn't lend itself to techy stuff, but when the trail opens up, look out! It's hard to take it easy on this bike, it just loves to go fast, and it's so easy to get it to go fast. 2x9 drivetrain is beautiful too.
If I wanted to drop any more weight, I could change the stem, pedals, and wheels (in that order). Right now, everything else is as light as I'd go, I think the bike is a good mix of light parts, without being too expensive and compromising strength.
But really, the frame (1.6kg) and fork (1.4kg) aren't the lightest of things, so my ultimate goal is hard to reach with them... I've given thought to buying a Felt frameset, mmm Easton Scandium with carbon rear end, and SID WC with carbon uppers, and transferring the current build kit over. But that's just a dream for now, and it'd be hard for me to part with the current frame+fork as I got them cheap and they've done me good so far.
Plus I hardly ride the bike to justify its existence as is, spending more money and dropping more weight is just getting silly... but hey, I'm allowed to dream :D


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what sizes are your front rings? im looking at a 2x9 setup for my merida HT Trail bike and im thinking 28t/38t?? what do u rekon?

Little Mike


stooge said:
2_fast_4_u said:
how much did that set you back stooge ?
Retail something around $2700
Paid something around $1800-$1900

Any idea on what your new rig is going to be?

something around the $2000 mark... maybe a giant xtc 2


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Disco said:
what sizes are your front rings?
32/44 with 11-34 gives me a really good spread of gears. 28/38 sounds good for general riding, but IMO you don't need to go that low if you're racing/going fast.


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okay, so its not really my bike, but when the boss is in a good mood for the weekend, i take it for a spin. i dont do that too often. its so god damn hard cleaning dirt off tires and out of all the cracks. its last years model of the fuel 100

^^^not my picture, i'll grab one at work today and post later^^^

its a sweet bike, all XTR specced, OCLV carbon frame and SID world cups. rims are bontrager x-lite, oh and the most uncomfortable seat ever. i was riding it without nix. :oops:


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Heres an up to date pic "up on the blocks", it is in a bit of transformation period at the moment, new hubs (wheels are being built) as well as replacing the XTR rear derailleur with a Sram X9.

I'll post a completed pic as soon as its finished.

Frame: Intense Tracer 3 or 4 inch travel
Fork: 2002 Psylo Race
Rear shock: Fox Float RC w/ lockout
Headset: Chris King
Derailleur Front: Shimano XT
Rear: Sram X9
Cranks: Shimano XT
Shifters: Sram X7
Cassette: Shimano XT 9 speed
Chain: Wipperman
Bottombracket: Shimano
Hubs: Hope Bulb Disc
Rims: Mavic X223 Disc 26x32H w/Eyelets
Tires: Continental Vertical Pro with Stans No Tubes
Brakes: Shimano XT Disc
Brake levers: Shimano XT
Stem: Thompson
Handlebar: Easton EA70
Seatpost: Thompson
Saddle: Selle Italia Flite Ti
Grips: ODI Ruffian


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My current little steed, looking to become more of a trail bike

Frame: Merida MATTS Sport Disc Frame Robot-Welded 7005
Fork: Rockshox PilotXC
Headset: Aheadset Sealed Integrated
Derailleur Front: Shimano LX Gold Ed
Rear: Shimano LX Gold Ed
Cranks: Shimano LX Gold Ed 22x32x44 175mm Hollowtech ISIS
Shifters: Shimano LX Gold Ed
Cassette: Shimano Deore LX 11-34T 9 speed
Chain: Shimano LX
Bottombracket: Shimano LX
Hubs: Shimano LX Gold Ed 32h non disc
Rims: Ritchey OCR Girder 32h Eyeletted, Welded+Machined
Tires: Michelin Hot-S (Red ones!) 2.1
Brakes: Avid AD3, Avid RimWrangler2 Pads
Brake levers: Shimano LX Gold Ed
Pedals: Wellgo Platform
Stem: Titec Big AL 90mm
Handlebar: Titec Hellbent XC 6061
Seatpost: Ritchey Race
Saddle: IKE Race
Grips: Oury
Cables: Jagwire Gold

Grips: Raceface Lock on
Fork: Rockshox Psylo XC
Chainrings: 28t/38t/Bashring
Brakes: Dice Whiplash Hydros
Hubs: Shimano XT Disc



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Hey Stooge,

Any idea how much your bike weighs. I would be very interested to know how it compares to a VT.




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struggles said:
That looks remarkedly like a bike set up to go to the 12 Hours of Darkness!!

How did you guys go?? What was your team called?? I was in a team called UNSW Night Probers. We came 10th out of 30 in the 3 Man teams


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Frame: 2003 Specialized Rockhopper
Fork: Manitaou axel
Headset: FSA Orbit
Crankset: RaceFace NEXT LP carbon+alu
Front Deraillieur: Deore
Rear Deraillieur: Xtr
Cassette: SRAM 9.0 11-34
Chain: Connex 9.something
Shifters: Shimano Deore
Brakes: Shimano Deore Hydro's
Handlebars: no name alloy
Stem: Kore lite
Saddle: Selle Italia Octavia
Rear Wheel: Mavic X317 hooked up to a deore hub
Front Wheel: Mavic X139 hooked up to stock specialized hub
Tyres: Slicks at the moment cos I use this bike to commute as well
Pedals: Eggbeaters chrome

Iminent Upgrades
Front Wheel: Mavic X317 with a DT Onyx hub. Im picking it up ton friday
Handlebars: Easton EC70 flat.

It's pretty light though I haven't weighed it recently. I have dropped a kg off from when it was stock. I also need a thinner bottom bracket cos my right knee is being put out when I try and ride hard. Also I'm going to put a shorter stem on it.


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specs as follows
Cannondale m500 frame
fork:rst hikari
bars:some flattys shown in pic but currently facory racing mx bars
brakes:shimano lx vees
front deraulier:shimano deore xt
rear derauiler:shimano derore xt
front rim:zac 19
rear rim:azonic pdw doublewall
tires:diamondback one front and hutchinson rear
axles:shimano deore qr
cranks:shimano deore xt
pedals:primo flatties
some nice bikes here
im selling my cannondale so i can buy a freeride/dj bike, but my first purchase is going to be a spare long seatpost so i can still ride xc on it, hey maybe even race it.
Im going to save though for another xc bike, once xcs in your blood you can never forget about it completley i love it, but i dont wear the bike shorts.....
love the bike stooge how does the rockshox rear shock go? is it comparable pedaling efficiancy to a ht?


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Yeti ARC

that picture is a bit out of date as there are a few new parts; current spec is below:

Bottom Bracket: Shimano Deore XT - 73/113 - square taper
Brake Levers: Avid Speed Dial 5
Brakes: Avid Single Digit 7
Cables: GORE Ride-On
Cassette: Shimano Deore XT - 11-34
Chain: SRAM PC-99
Crankarms: Raceface Turbine LP 94BCD - 175mm - square taper
Chain Rings: Coda - 94BCD - 29/44T
Fork: Manitou Skareb Super
Frame: Yeti ARC - medium
Front Derailleur: Shimano Deore XT - low clamp - top pull
Grips: Ritchey WCS
Handlebar: Yeti ARC F1
Headset: Chris King NoThreadSet
Pedals: Shimano PD-M959
Rear Derailleur: Shimano XTR - normal rise - long cage
Seat: Selle Italia Flite TT
Seatpost: Yeti ARC XC
Shifters: Shimano Deore XT
Stem: Yeti ARC XC
Tyres: Maxxis Larsen TT UST - 26x2.00
Wheelset: Mavic Crossmax Enduro


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Just the thread I have been waiting for... :evil:

My in Progress Rig

Bottom Bracket: FSA Platnium PRO Ti
Brake Levers: Avid AD3 --(Magura, Marta SL Carbon)
Brakes: AVid Cable Discs --(Magura Marta SL w/ alloy rotors)
Cables: XTR
Cassette: Dura Ace 12/27 or XT 12/34 --(Dependant on where riding)
Chain: SRAM / Shimano XT
Crankset: RaceFace / FSA
*Crankarms: Raceface Turbine LP 58/94bcd
**Chain rings: FSA 22/32/44 --(20/32/44 Sugino)
***Chainring bolts: FSA T30
Derlr (Front): Shimano XT, Machined
Derlr (Rear): Shimano XT --(SRAM X.0)
Fork: Duke Race, Pure Mod, Lockout mod.
Frame: Cove Handjob XC 17.5"
Grips: Salsa, Cut Down
Handlebar: Easton Monkeylite SL
Headset: Generic--(Green ChrisKing)
Pedals: Shimano XTR --(Eggies or Candy's)
Skewers: Bolt Up
Seat: Salle Itellia SLR TransAM
Seatpost: Easton EC 70
Shifters: Sram Rocket's --(SRAM X.0)
Stem: Easton MG60 --(Syntace F99 w/ Ti bolts)
Tire (Front): TBA
Tire (Rear): TBA
Wheelset: MAvic/King
*Rims: Mavic X717 Disc
**Hubs: Chris King ISO -(Green)
***Spokes: Sapim CXRay
****Nipples: Alloy -(Green)
--Wheelset, my Zac 19's in pic--

Thats it at the moment, although it's an old pic; it has a few more bits on it now... The Cranks, new BB are on the way; And there are a few other things about to be ordered. Should be rideable sometime really soon (finally). Should be finished pretty quick ofter I get the cranks and what not.

My Current ride, is an Avanti Montari; which has been spec'ed out with some good shit... It rides good, but it's getting old (1 year). She served me well, but is now up for grabs, as parts or in whole. See my signiture, theres a link to it.


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Here is my XC bike

Frame: Giant XTC1 ALUXX SL FluidFormed 6013 Aluminum XC 21"
Fork: Rockshox Duke XC (id prefer to carry a extra 0.3 of a pound in weight and have a fork that doesn't feel like it is going to snap)
Headset: FSA 1 1/8’ Ahead Sealed Integrated
Derailleur Front:Shimano Deore XT 34.9
Rear:Shimano: XTR 9 speed
Cranks Raceface: Prodigy 22x32x44 175mm Splined (looking into a larger top ring)
Derailleur/shifters: Shimano XT 27 speed
Cassette: Shimano Deore LX 11-34T 9 speed
Chain: Shimano Deore XT 9 spd
Bottombracket: Raceface ISIS SRX Splined
Hubs: Mavic Crossroc UST Tubeless Wheel set
Rims: Mavic Crossroc UST Tubeless Wheel set
Tires: Hutchinson Python 26x2.0 Tubeless
Brakes: Avid SD-7 V-Brakes
Brake: levers Avid SD5
Pedals: Shimano M505 Clipless SPD
Stem: Titec Fast AL 10 degree
Handlebar: Easton Monkeybar DH..(about to be replaced a Titec Enduro XC 6061 Alloy)
Seatpost: Titec X-Wing 27.2
Saddle: WTB VL1052
Grips: Velo g-16

I really like the part spec of this bike, i feel as though i can trust the components. Opted not for disc brakes as im yet to own a set that don't drag. (i have owned Armour, Hayes and XT on my DH rigs). Personally I would prefer to carry a extra 1.5 pounds and know that im not going to be at my LBS weekly replacing broken parts. I would like to replace the frame with somthing different so if you have something about 21" and you are looking at selling please let me know...(particularly Cannonadale or Yeti HT)