Product Review PNW Components Cascade dropper post

In just about every conversation I have about the great improvements to mountain bikes, I say every time that a dropper post is the biggest leap forward we’ve made. I love the things and am that guy that scoffs and says “Ha! How did we ride with a rigid seat post!”. I make a point of getting a feel for every new dropper post I come across and have been really keen to get on a PNW Components post since they arrived at Mountain Bikes Direct. Click here to check it out.

The post I’ve been using is the PNW Components Cascade with the 1X remote mounted to the left side of the handlebars. It’s a 30.9mm clamp and an impressive 170mm drop. At it’s full extension, the post measures 489mm. The bike I put this on needed to be an external routing and it needed to impress a lot more than hydraulic post that it replaced. You don’t see too many externally routed droppers anymore so it’s nice to know some companies have you sorted if you want to put a decent post on it. This post with the 1X remote is very well priced at $328.95.

Is the PNW Components Cascade dropper a good thing? Yep, it is cable actuated and a real breeze to install. The bulkhead of the cable slots into the external section of the post and is run to the lever to allow you to trim it to length without removing anything. Not only is this a huge benefit to a quick install, it allows you to adjust your cable should the need arise. The cable is also mounted just above your seat post collar meaning you don’t cop that cable interference from dropper’s that mount the cable near the seat post rails. You set it up and you go ride your bike.

The action of the lever is beautiful. Feels like a OneUp and a Bikeyoke at the same time. Both of those posts set the benchmark for me for two reasons: The OneUp is a simple design that operates well & feels great with the benefit of it being quite cheap. The Bikeyoke is my all time favourite post for it’s feel of the drop & raise action and it’s comparative relevance to the pressure you put on the lever, it’s so precise and the Revive function? That alone kills the competition. I’m very pleased to say that the PNW Components Cascade drops nicely into the range around the OneUp and to this day hasn’t developed any of the dreaded keyway play, it feels very direct.

The Cascade is available in a few options also. You can pick up a PNW Components Cascade in 125mm, 150mm and 170mm drops with a clamp size of 30.9mm and 31.6mm. There are a couple of lever options available but you just can’t beat the exact feel of a cable operated 1X remote. The range of PNW Components dropper posts is actually pretty big with plenty of models available in different sizes with internal and external routing. Mountain Bikes Direct carry a big range of the PNW post’s so head to the store to find your flavour.

There’s a bunch of important stuff that makes a dropper post either a winner or a pile of junk. I’ve found pricing of dropper posts hasn’t been a good indication of what is a good post and have gotten cheaper posts on bikes that kick post’s double their cost over the fence. I’m stoked to say the PNW post is a winner and will have a place on bikes in my care for many a shred.
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Nice to see not everyone jumping on the 'stealth' bandwagon. I like droppers and I like older bikes so this'll get a solid looking at next time I'm in need of a dropper...

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