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Item: Gripsport bike rack - 2 bike
Location: Canberra (no postage as it is heavy and would cost a bomb)
Item Condition: fine. It's gripsport and as far as I can tell they are unbreakable. There are 2 small modifications though: (1) rear crankholder has been cut down to suit bike with lower bb (photos below show comparison) (2) I've drilled 2 small holes in the back to fit a numberplate (see the bolt heads in the photos).
Reason for selling: about to put whole house into storage so it's clean-up time. Realised I haven't used this in years (small kids so no time)
Price and price conditions: $150
Extra info: will throw in the adjustable hitch currently attached to the mount if buyer wants it (think it was about $90 or so on its own)
Sorry, I've committed the sin of taking dodgy photos of a dirty item in a dimly lit shed. But see reason for sale