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It's all about money, what's worse is knowing what a lot of workers go through on these sites, when they realise the mistakes they've done it's too late.

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Thats one of the tragedies - all the coal and gas workers will be left holding the can when their industries fail due to global market shifts. It’s not fair, and it’s avoidable.


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The use of coal in Qld, NSW and Vic was all over 80% today, Vic has the wind up now.

We were only producing 180mw of gas fired generation today and of the total produced in the state with wind and solar, 150mw was going across the tie. SA was nearly running on rooftop solar, solar farms and wind most of the day. We were down on minimum load all day.

The Eastern states reliance on coal is massive.




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We're living it, I am a unit controller at a thermal plant, though we have just installed brand new gas peakers and currently being constructed grid scale batteries, will also soon be dispatching wind, solar and batteries for SA and Vic from my control room

We have machines on outage all over the plant taking advantage of the lull and negative prices.

They have been pretty mild days, low to mid 20's, sunny with blue skies and windy as fakkk.

Might be the calm before the storm... though maybe not.

Clumping all fossil fuels together is silly, there should be a prioritisation on them, gas with urea injection significantly reduces greenhouse gasses in modern plants and is a perfect solution for smoothing peaks until something else becomes available.

Even thermal gas plants are a far better option than coal or oil.