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Scotty T

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That article is rife with inaccuracies.

1: I live just outside of Melbourne - not Sydney.
2: I’m 43 not 73
3: 2050 is an unfeasibly short term target for such an unfathomably radical change in behaviour. If I did make that statement, I was probably pissed at the time.

At least they spelled my name right though…
Excellent, I thought they had misrepresented me but I am relieved now.


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Not sure if your serious. UFOs surely exist but they're only really an "unidentified" flying object to the extent you can't identify the object. A frizbee across the back fence is 100% a UFO if you can't "identify" what it was. It's a big reach from unidentified optical (or sensor derived) phenomenon to little green men and redneck abductions with compulsory anal probing.
When I was 11 years old I threw a bin lid into the air and a friend photographed it mid flight. We printed it in b&w and used it as supporting imagery for UFO sightings for a school newspaper.

That concludes my contribution to this topic.

Scotty T

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The entire hope for technology argument is summed up in the words of Hannah Arendt, that great thinker who acted against the Nazis. She said that in a crisis, hope is a luxury, action is a necessity.

Aliens, inhabiting other planets, and technology allowing us to continue the staus quo represent hope, and the opposite of action. If you don't vote for someone at the next election who is about action rather than hope, you are the problem.


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Very eloquently spoken.
The major sticking point is that all governments around the world are very short sighted, they won't deal with such long term objectives unless it wins votes. It is crucial that it becomes strongly popular (in public opinion) to address climate change for it to become a government action.
It just makes me insanely angry and incredibly depressed in equal measure that we knew all this 50 years ago - but people are too fuckign dumb to accept it.

Humans are a fucking pox. The world will be better off without them. Oh well, mourn the loss of a wonderful planet as it was - but it will be just as wonderful in new ways following this latest great extinction event. The next few million years will see a whole new suite of cool critter evolve.