Oxford Falls chestcam


Likes Dirt
I hadn't been for a ride for a few weeks so today I decided to head to Oxford Falls to do a bit of riding and a bit of filming. Felt really unco all day but everything just seemed to work and was having to much of a good time to stop and film. It was time to go home to the family so I thought I better film something to show for my efforts so this is it. One run. Hope you like it. If you don't,I'll get over it.



Eats Squid
I liked it mate. Riding was ok I guess, a couple decent jumps I suppose. Actually like your top tube/stem/bars/forks colour combo, looks cool.
Overall I award 4 stars, 1 deducted for no tunes. But you'll get over it. ;-)


Likes Dirt
Good stuff! Don't see many people (on film at least) on the big line at the bottom these days.


Likes Dirt
Killing it dude....Your not backing down with age are you? That is a big line your cleaning there. Good to see your still going hard. Nath....;)