Our new DH World Champs - Mont St Anne!!!


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Troy and Sam deliver!
Troy on his way to the juniors title

Working on his signature

Sam "on the" Hill

World Champ!

Replacing electrolytes

What next?

Was quite a race,I heard Gee Atherton after the race reckon he didnt win cos the
last riders down were at a disadvantage due to the rain shower.........after a week of dry dusty conditions we had 2 days of rain showers but throughout the main mens DH race it didnt rain apart from a small shower during the latter stages............but hey ,Sam raced no10.............
Even more impressive is that Sam doesnt do too many practice runs and when he does he never seems to be flat out.......concentrating on looking at lines........!

Hope you enjoy the photos...........

Downhill Domination

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Top from Nigel, throw some more up of your fave DH shots if you get some time.
The ones up at the moment look great (including the 4X)!


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That's such a seedy hair cut, each to their own i suppose. Still don't know how he does it, out for nearly a whole season and comes back to win champs. :p