Orbea Rise


Obviously it depends where in the country you are.
If you're in Melbourne there's stock in Ivanhoe Cycles. Hallam, SE Melbourne. Can't comment on the price. They're a decent enough shop, been going years with LOADS of stock at all price ranges.

No, I'm not on an affiliate deal.
Sure, I'm in the Gold Coast, but would be happy to buy online too


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Here is a summary of all the upgrades I've done on the bike since picking it up back in February. It was pretty good out of the box but some things had to change.

  • Cranks - The standard E13 Cranks that come on the Rise have a habit of coming loose and then falling off mid ride. E13 tried to remedy this by changing the design of the preload bolts to add more threads. I didn't see this as a proper solution and once your crank comes loose you are going to do permanent damage to the spline on the main axle which is on an ebike is the motor not a bottom bracket. I actually swapped the XT Cranks onto the bike in the first week of ownership. While I was there I went from a 32T chainring up to a 34T. I actually think it needs a 36T but 34T is the largest size that Orbea recommend.
  • Seat - The seat it came with was just so uncomfortable. I tried to get on with it but any ride longer than an hour left me in pain. I did the whole measure your sit bones thing with cardboard and chose the appropriate SQLab saddle to suit me. I won't say its perfect but its a huge improvement.
  • Riser Bar - There was nothing wrong with the RaceFace carbon bar that came on the bike, this was more of a geometry fix for me. This bike is my first 29er and also my first bike with "modern" geometry. I find the cockpit reasonably short and maybe even spot on for my size but had a bit of trouble lifting the front wheel off the ground. I'm not sure if this is due to the larger back wheel, longer chainstay than I'm used to and/or possibly just the weight of the battery in the downtube. The 40mm riser bar was certainly the right move, it just gives me the ability to get my body weight a little further back over the rear wheel and lift the front with ease when I need to.
  • Mud Guards - Well it never bloody stops raining, this bike has seen nothing but mud since I got it and the mud guards do keep some of the linkages clean, front fork stanchions and my back side.
  • Headset - I noticed my headset had become loose recently, after tightening it a little I noticed it was notchy. After removing the fork I found the bottom bearing completely rusted out. I was just going to buy a new lower bearing but could only find the low end models in stock so I just ended up going with a Chris King, bloody expensive but in my experience they are worth it.

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Nice bit of single trails.
It’s bugging me I don’t know the exact location he’s riding but it’s so damn similar to what I ride, maybe it’s just the fact it’s on camera is putting me off? Things always look different on film.

The dogs make me think he’s in Loftus haha.