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Hey guys, i bought this on-one a while ago and have just been riding it and not really caring that much about it's appearance. But now i can't handle it, the frame is just too ugly in raw so I'm going white, a lot of white. The theme will be white, black and red.

Recently I bought a deity stem and set of bars off Nicho (great seller) and stuck them on my gimp, seen as I have gone this far I thought I may as well just upgrade the whole thing.

Spec list, new and upgraded parts underlined, notes/previous parts in (italics):

Frame - On One Gimp (getting it painted white)
Forks - 2008 RockShox Argyle 318 (used to have gold label 2's)
Handlebars - Deity twenty14 (used to have NS districts)
Stem - Deity (used to have Fit down low stem)
Headset - FSA DH Pig
Grips - WeThePeople
Saddle - Colony Slim Pivotal (used to have kink)
Seatpost - Kink pivotal (getting it painted white)
Rear brake - Avid Elixir R (used to have Diatech Anchor)
Cranks - Deity Vendetta (used to have Strictly bitch bmx cranks)
Sprocket - Snafu 36t
Chain - KMC Kool
Pedals - Odyssey Plastic PC pedals (used to have Tioga surefoot MX Pro Pedals, only 50grams heavier then plastics up for sale if anyone wants them)
Front hub - dice roulett 20mm
Rear hub - Surly dual sealed bearing SS
Front rim - 24" Sun MTX
Rear rim - 24" Sun MTX
Tyres - Maxxis Holy Roller

what it looks like now, scroll to the bottom to see more:

Here are the pics of it when i first got it:

Then with the deity bars and stem

And coming soon, the whole thing built up when i get it back from the painters.
but for now a pic of my stash of new goods:

Please reply with your thoughts and comments, or if you would suggest a different part / colour scheme.
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sounds like its going to be sick fella. have you still got the parts you are replacing? send me a pm


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what a clown, the white looooooks way better than the raw i reckon. nicely spec'd to mate.

ps, i ride with the guy that bought your norco 125.


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thanks mate

awh yeh, friend of jimmy
i saw a pic of the norco this morning, looks pretty sick still. the orange is really nice


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Heck yes that looks sweet! Maybe some On-One representation would go down well...stickers maybe? Loving the white though. It looks so good on bikes


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ohh yeah that looks so much better then it did raw. i didnt really like the raw but you have done a fantastic job on it,

btw the norco is goin strong hahah

and who is this fella that said he rides with me?