Offing a lift Sydney -> Thredbo (return) (or Canberra) December 20th - 24th


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Hi All,

(edit) *Offering a lift Sydney

I am going down to Thredbo and have a spare seat. I'm looking for someone who can help out with the driving on the way down. I really want someone who can help with the drive as I work a nightshift before leaving so need someone who can drive an auto and share the driving.
I am driving down in a van so I would have room for one person and their bike(s).
I am planning on leaving on December 20th at 7am from around Homebush.
Return would be on December 24th, not sure exactly when but I just have to be back in Sydney by 7am on the 25th.

If anyone is interested please let me know. If you can chip in for fuel (approx $30) that would help as well.
If no-one wants to go to Thredbo I could also drop you off at Canberra.


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