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One very nice bike...
Interesting Parklands nominated as the Olympic MTB venue. It’s pretty solid forest in there so would be hard to cover for tv footage.

Hopefully the resident emus survive till then.


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Parkies is my local and will make for a pretty good venue I reckon. It's more old school rooty rocky techy goodness with frequent short pinchy climbs but who knows what the vision is. I read somewhere there is a plan to purchase some adjacent land to expand the network.
Hopefully Fluffy the resident emu is still around and will make an appearance running alongside the Olympic riders!


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We get lots of questions about the YEP lever, so wrote the below, which also includes an installation video.


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That’s some serious (and rainbow) bling on there. He comes from the @Ackland school of saddle levelling I see.
Yeah... Nah.... Mine is to align my hips and spine with my slammed and big negative stem....

I rotate back towards flat for 24hrs when I chuck spacers under and full flat for an upright position

This one.... high bars with rise.....