Product Review Nukeproof All Weather apparel

Winter isn’t all bad! Sure the days are short and cold but you get to where some new kit each season! One of my favourite apparel lines is Nukeproof. It hands down beats the big hitters for value, functionality and price. How does the Nukeproof AW range fair in the bearable Australian winter? We’ll tackle this two ways; gear you wear on a ride and gear you wear before and after.

Item: Nukeproof Blackline Winter waterproof shorts
Purchased From: Chain Reaction Cycles (click here)
Purchase Price (approx): $120
First up, I’ve been wearing the Nukeproof Blackline Winter waterproof shorts in some pretty damn ordinary weather. Muddy trails, wet tarmac between the trails, dusty, you name it. These are the shorts you want in your gear bag when the days are a bit gloomy but you still want to ride. I love Nukeproof’s accurate sizing, a pair of shorts in XXL fits perfectly with room to move and at $120 on Chain Reaction Cycles, it’s a winner. The shorts are a stretch Cordura fabric that pretty much repels whatever liquid is chucked at it yet still breaths well enough to stop you feeling like you just landed in a puddle. The top seam of the shorts stays in place with Nukeproof’s non slip silicone and Velcro adjustments andiIt’s all bound up with a front zipper and button to secure it all. As another bonus and something I haven’t seen on shorts aimed at rough weather, the shorts have a lower leg liner that can be tightened to keep anything from splashing up your thigh and yep, it works! If you need to carry a phone or keys in your pocket then you can trust the material to keep it clean but a zipper being a zipper, it may allow some moisture in so maybe run your phone case. They are a short aimed at riding trails that lift whatever is on the surface and chucks it at you, they work superbly and keep you clean from the waist to your knees. Box ticked!


Item: Nukeproof Blackline Waterproof Jacket
Purchased From: Chain Reaction Cycles (click here)
Purchase Price (approx): $144
Sticking with the gear you wear on a ride, the Nukeproof Blackline Waterproof Jacket is also a top notch bit of kit. I primarily ran this guy as something to keep me warm but boy is it versatile in the slosh! It’s easy to keep clean too, I’ve had it covered in Australian forest’s finest brown dirt and mud and it comes up like new. Generous length in both the arms and the body means you’re not battling to keep clean and warm plus you can comfortably run a layer underneath and not feel crammed. There’s vents to keep the air moving around and it’s light enough to roll up and shove in your pack. Similar to the Nukeproof Blackline Winter waterproof shorts, you can have some faith in the pockets keeping splashes of mud and rain off your phone or keys too. I’m a bit fussy with jackets and have used some junk over the years and particularly hate the jackets that are too short when you’re seated pedalling and your lower back in uncovered. This jacket has the extra length in the back and doesn’t flap around when you’re hauling down a fun section, the shape of the jacket is absolutely made for riding bikes and is my go-to jacket during the cold and / or wetter rides for sure.

Item: Nukeproof Outland Crewneck Sweatshirt
Purchased From: Chain Reaction Cycles (click here)
Purchase Price (approx): $36
Now, you’ve stayed relatively clean during your ride and you have plans to grab a drink with the crew after the ride. You don’t want to rock up in your dirty gear paint the bar stool the colour of the trails! You can chuck the Nukeproof Outland Crewneck Sweatshirt on and kick back without looking like a billboard covered in bright brand name gear or if you’re sitting outside and need that extra thickness and a hood, you can stay warm in the Nukeproof Blackline Full Zip hoodie.
The Nukeproof sweatshirt is a generous sizing made entirely from polyester. Tons of room and lots of length in the arms and back means this doesn’t ride up either while you’re seated. If the fireplace is burning and you’re beginning to sweat, this sweater won’t show it. It’s not a heavy item and won’t take up tons of room in your luggage either, a nice addition to those who travel to the beautiful alpine areas to ride and relax after the ride.

Item: Nukeproof Blackline Fullzip Hoodie
Purchased From: Chain Reaction Cycles (click here)
Purchase Price (approx): $66
The Nukeproof Blackline Full Zip Hoodie can be considered the next layer of warmth if the sweater isn’t enough. Again made entirely of polyester and not showing signs of sweating, the zip up hoodie has a few sweet features. The hood has adjustable drawcords bound with a reliable fastener and front hand pockets with a stash for your phone or Ipod. There’s also another small pocket for chucking credit cards or keys in too. I have done a ride wearing the hoodie on a dry cold day and it was pretty ace, I warmed up quickly and was almost too hot to keep it on so in terms of it being versatile for during and after a ride it certainly works but I think it’s worn better before and after the laps you do.

Nukeproof have nailed this casual line by not making this range too loud, the branding is subtle and tasteful and looks spot on. The sizing is again spot on and the gear is really comfortable. If you’re one of those people who like to have a range of familiar gear that can be worn in heaps of walk of life then have a browse of the Nukeproof range. I’ve said it in prior reviews, this Nukeproof apparel is absolutely at the pointy end of the pile for comfort, value and build quality. I love it and rarely get a ride done without wearing something from Nukeproof.


How is the sizing is the jacket compared to their sizing chart? Small/right on/large?

Does the venting work well if wearing a backpack?
How is the sizing is the jacket compared to their sizing chart? Small/right on/large?
Does the venting work well if wearing a backpack?
The jacket is awesome! I'll probably still wear it in summer it's that good. ;)
Sizing is good, lets say generous even. Its not tight but it isn't super baggy where it flaps around and as I said, you can layer up comfortably under it.
I haven't worn a pack with it though. The underarm vents are really good but I'd reckon you'd notice a long day with a pack as you would with any waterproof upper layer. Leave it with me, I'll run a test. ;)

I am actually looking for a new jacket after my go-to busted the main zipper. It's lasted 5 winter MTB seasons and 3 snow seasons so it had a good run. Unfortunately DaKine don't make this model anymore.

This one looks like the bees knees. If it lasts anywhere near as long as the DaKine they are into a winner.