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I was minding my own business as usual and dropped into Jetcycles this week.

This holds the record for fattest pricetag I've seen but I admit not to keeping up with ePrices very much. Eeeeepppp....
How about the 2020 S-Works founders edition. I know someone who has one.

Ebike prices are in a different league.


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How about the 2020 S-Works founders edition. I know someone who has one.

Ebike prices are in a different league.

Phwoar!! Been one upped already :)

Just awaiting the S-Works ultra limited Jesus commemorative EVO HD edition that will have to give $30k a nudge.

They are getting what they can for them since there is no precedent set. Greenfield market au-go-go.


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(Expanded) Specialized battery recall announced:
Specialized battery recall - Pinkbike
The case halves seal is no better. I tell everyone to run a smear of RTV around the join. That red gasket is intended to seal. It doesn’t, when I look with a magnifying glass, I can clearly see it not making contact in large spots.

Evidence of this is batteries with water inside and the button pcb is dry and not corroded, as button pcb is near the top, water and shit is thrown at the battery from the front wheel down lower.

“Fred I want to design an ebike. No Fred, it will never get wet or muddy. Your IP68 specifications will cost too much”



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Since I was in the market for a new bike I did consider getting another E-Bike and was actually surprised there was entry level stock around and the pricing did not even seem to bad - I was looking at Merida and Norco - Heavy - entry level components but still seemed cheaper than I remember and definitely expected.


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Not long till we at $30k.
It's actually nuts. Cars have a whole stack of consumer warranties and protections including things like parts supply etc. Ebike folks have none of this and particularly concerning is the lack of support for spares including a gazillion new battery types all incompatible with each other. Pretty much you buy an orphan and you can be sure youre stuck with an expensive boat anchor when the battery inevitably fails.

On the lumen, shock inside frame is a great idea keeping it clean. The tq motor is also a great bit of kit, I test rode one on a fuel. Very small light and feels more natural than all the others out there.


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This popped up this morning. New Scott Lumen. Top spec hits $26k. Fark that is absurd. Not long till we at $30k.
I'd be interested to see the spec of the $12k version.

To be fair the $26k version has every high-end piece of kit thrown at it, which you could do to any new bike and make it around the $20k mark.

The Silverton SL wheelset is $3500 US alone, the one-piece cockpit is $500!

I like the fact that you can fit a range extender and a drink bottle it pretty good.

Yeah, one stick picked up into you wheel and you are suddenly up for over $1700