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Thats not vulnerable, it's right under you so you can concentrate on it easily. The rear mech is behind you and by the time that hits anything you've already forgotten about its existence.
It’s not as vulnerable, no. I’m just sayin though. That decal makes me want to vomit.


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Let me Cinq if I've heard of anything like that...
Yeah hadn’t heard of them before.
Just struck me that Gamux came up with a very simple and effective setup and I like it (as opposed to my last recollection of riding grip shift).


The shifter set up is the most interesting thing about that bike. First to bring a decent gearbox trigger shift to market stands to make….. some bucks
The 2 paddle setup kills it for me.

I quite enjoy the grip shift, but the new Effigear box uses a standard SRAM trigger.


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I don't get why they didn't mount both of them on the same side like a standard shifter. Having them on opposite sides makes cabling a mess, and difficult to place a dropper post lever anywhere.

Feels very "So close but so far".
Downhill bike so dropper is largely irrelevant and if I recall Cinq do also have a two paddles in the same side option but in either configuration it's a damn expensive upgrade close to 400 Euros from memory.