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It seems to be the current fashion to have the most over specced bike for the trails at the moment. I was riding at Lysterfield (urgh) a couple of weeks ago and came across some blokes fully kitted up for an Enduro race running 170mm coil sprung bikes. It's fucking Lysterfield guys, you could ride the whole place on a rigid single speed FFS. To make it worse, they weren't even fast down the hills!
I'm lucky enough to have a few bikes like most people here so can take something that's appropriate for the trails I'm riding but if I had to have one bike it's wouldn't be a coil sprung plow, it's not like there are more than a handful of trails in all of Victoria that you'd even come close to the limits of the bike.
I have a 170/160mm Enduro bike and on odd occasions I'll ride it at Lysterfield (usually due to limited time and fitting in a ride around a young family).

It's a bit unfair to hate on someone for getting out for a ride. They're out riding right?

However I will join you in being upset, but on people cutting new b lines at Lysterfield. "It's fucking Lysterfield guys".


Likes Dirt
I’ve got plenty of mates who would consider or call themselves an Enduro rider, but wouldn’t pedal up a hill to save themselves. That’s fine, I’m not into the whole categorizing of bikes and riding. Don’t get me started on opportunistic wankfest that is ‘down country’. Flame suit on. :D
Haha, 170mm is overkill for Silvan. I've been riding my Meta AM 29 up and down Narby lately and don't even miss my DH bike.


Sliding shock mount? Bizarre!
I thought I’d seen something similar when my son raced downhill many moons ago, he always went on about it.


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I knew one guy that had one. He liked the frame but hated the never found out how it handled long term.