New pads cooked after 1 ride


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I bought some new resin pads for my bike. It's a resin only rotor.
Anyway I bedded them in with a few laps around the block. Then this morning I went for a short ride through the local trails. Brakes felt good, no issues then whole going down a steep area they lost all bite after 100m. I let them cool a bit and they started working again but not well. Cane home and had a look at them and they are cooked..

Just wondering did I over did the new pads? They seemed to be in properly and worked fine. It looks like they dislodged judging by the disc mark, but I'm not sure how. The old pads were the same type and lasted 18+ months.



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They don’t look glazed, they look the slang sense. Look like they’re about to crumble off the backing plate.