New Omeo MTB trails


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The first stage of Omeo's MTB trails are starting construction with the aim of being finished by December 2023. It will apparently include:
  • 56 kilometres of cross-country and downhill gravity trails
  • Switchback climbs for over 500m up nearby Mt Mesley
  • An easy loop trail parallel to the Great Alpine Road that leads to the Historical Oriental Claims area.
  • A descending trail of over 500 vertical metres from the summit of Mt Sam linking to Mt Mesley and finishing in Livingstone Park
I probably won't be the last person who needed to look up where Omeo was but the above does look good and could make for a pretty compelling alternative to Bright / Mt Beauty / Falls etc.

Apparently the final product will have over 120kms of trails...


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Should be great... but yeah Omeo is right down the back of the arse end of Vic.

It's good that Vic is finally trying to get it's shit together RE: tourism and outdoor activities, about fucking time. There's so much potential in this state but the unimaginative chunts in tourism Vic only care about the Great Ocean Road and the 87 million wineries that popped up as tax writeoffs over the years.


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Our family farm was in Sarsfield, spent a massive part of my youth around far eastern vic. My now dead uncle, when he was a park ranger, would take me with him panning for gold deep inside the state and national parks with his mates in the early 80’s. Petrol Honda water pump, big ass sluice.

The Great Alpine road is twisty as fuck in spots. Many memories fanging along there, as a young tacker I quoted my uncle back to my mother “on one corner we were pretty sure the front wheel was off the ground”. Sorry uncle Ken.

Great country up there. I will make a weekend of it this coming spring.