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PINT of Stella. mate!

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I can't believe I'm away to weigh into this clusterfuck of inane gobshite but sometimes I just can't help myself... :rolleyes:

Anyway for starters, as any bloke who spent too much time at airshows as a child will tell you, THIS is the one and only Sea King!

and secondly -horns or not -Narwhals are still bloody whales and as such are just an interesting delicacy to be found on Tokyo sushi menus and/or floundering on beaches like a drunken tramp who's fallen off a park bench.

They're no match for the 'Amanda Vanstone of the Sea' AKA the mighty monkfish:
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A have to agree with Nettheim, this thread has gone downhill with all the wannabe comedians. :(:(
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