My wax based lube recipe


This was posted on a youtube video and is an interesting comparison of the different lubes (wax based is still fastest)
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Chain-L!!! Holy time machine. I thought they were done and dusted. Website looks like it hasn’t changed since I bought my last bottle. The stuff stinks but runs so well. Running Wolftooth currently may need to consider another bottle when the time comes.


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Been trying to get the Silca Secret wax but out of stock with the Germans at €30 a bag, not paying $90 for it here.

For us MTBers not racing XC/road/gravel at the pointy end of the field, the chain speed probably isn't important to most of us. More the clean drivetrain, crisp shifts, 400km of lube free riding and a chain that lasts a long time.

Just ordered XX1's for my main bikes from a German honey hole, Mr ZF says XX1/X0 are the longest lasting chain available when waxed at around 7000-8000km, but nowhere near the fastest.

Saving a few watts on a fast chain is wasted on us with baggies, bellies and beards.

Just remember, all the results above are after going through the extensive process of removing all factory gunk, then waxing/dripping.
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