My Dirt Jump bike is ALSO Da Bomb!


Haha, thought i'd post my new frame up; I just finished building it today. It weighs about 15kg (+ or - 0.5kg).
I'm thinking of painting the bars and the fork lowers white at the end of the year, and defiantly getting rid of that horrid pink cable.

Tell us what you think!



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wouldnt go white forks mate. white bars prehaps but that would be all. try for some orange grips and an fire eye seat would finish it off nicely and if you want LOTs of colour get the Funn hydros.

black has to become the new black one day ;)

and v brake mounts; whooty, gives you an option if you ever want to run a hydro rim for trials if you find yourself going that way.


what size big ring are you running, if its a 32 and your going to keep gears find a 36 youll get way better speed.
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Wow, i like it.
Did you paint it like that?
Sorry, i have to laugh though... v-brake mounts :)

Try for orange cables :p
...what's so bad about v brakes? They're a fuckload lighter, there's no rotors to bend, they're cheaper and easier to maintain... only problem is buckling your wheel..


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Hey elmo, make sure you take a look at Heatseeker's awesome chucker before you cop shit from him


Wow, that's a lot of replies.
Thanks guys, and thanks for the idea's Sethius.
Oh and Free-Agent, I don't think i'll remove them, I have a habit of loosing stuff :p.
And no, I didn't paint it like this, stock paint all the way! :p
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