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Hi gals and guys, im going to be moving to Wollongong (bulli) mid June. I've been living and working in WA though sadly I never got around to getting a bike sorted.

im wondering are there any clubs in Wollongong (road or mtb) and what are the trails like, are they active, are there any proper trail centres, also what is there to offer DH XC etc.???

with that comes a dilemma, what bike do I look for DH XC or trail bike OR just stick to road bikes???

now a bit about me, I come from a race club (road/mtb) in Ireland "Carn Wheelers Maghera" where I raced in the "Irish and British XC league" and before I left for Oz I was getting into trail building and a bit of free ride. I just love to be on a bike...

looking forward to get there,


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Don't live there myself but I know that there are lots of local built tracks around there and on the outskirts of sydney. There is plenty you shouldn't have any hassle with either discipline.
Keira has a dh track, there are a few local trails as well. Most are all unofficial but if you don't hate a drive you have a pretty big range of trails around that area from what I understand.

As for bike choice I reckon wait till you get there and scope out the scene a bit. Get into the circles to get access to the secret trails.


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There is plenty of good riding in Wollongong and some awesome trails right near Bulli.

There are no real MTB trail centres or MTB parks in the region apart from Greenvalleys but I don't think it is open to the public just yet and mainly holding events.

The majority of local trails are unofficial however you can ride BlackButt reserve

With in an hour and a half drive there are heaps of options see here


In terms of a bike you can ride most trails on a HT XC bike. A 5 inch do it all trail bike that can climb well is probably ideal. The trails I ride around MT Keira are a bit short and wind in and out of roads, but you can link them up for a really good ride.


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Love the gong! Lived there for seven years. My only advice, don't go to the glasshouse, ever, and if you are nice to Omar he'll give you free baklava with your kebab. Oh, and NEVER leave you bike unattended for more than 10 seconds. Wollongong is an awesome city, you'll love it.
Great beaches, great weather, plenty of trails and places to ride the roadie, good restaurants and the people were always nice. Lots to see and do and a good central point to adventure from (up or down coast, over escarpment and out to Robertson / up the pass, lots to see close to home).

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hey guys thanks loads for the info, sooo much appreciated and thanks loads for the club addresses, im mad looking to race again.
depending on work and plans (if I stay in Wollongong) ill get my road and mtb bikes posted over from Ireland, really looking forward to meeting new people and getting back on my bike, haven't been on it in over a year.

thanks neil.