Moving from the North Shore to Melbourne


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Thredbo, NSW (has chairlifts)
Worth adding that Thredbo resort with chairlift and gondola access is only one of the options in that area - there's also the TVT from Thredbo Village down to Jindabyne, plus some decent single track around Jindabyne itself.


Jump on the barge and visit Tasmania or a plane flight to New Zealand, they're most likely the best trail networks on this side of the world. All the local stuff in Australia is just enough to keep you interested, apart from the few private parks around.


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Nothing more to add to this thread but make sure you reach out once you’ve landed and got your bearings. Places like Eatons Cutting near red hill will offer plenty of fun on the Spire but trails are short and you need someone to show you around as the trails are not sanctioned and not sign posted.


I really appreciate all the insight so far guys thank you! For reference sake my favorite local trail is only about 2 minutes long and has an elevation drop of roughly 90m so I'm more than pleased with lapping smaller stuff. Even living in Vancouver I only make it to whistler or any of the "Famous" trail areas seldomly so I'm definitely not looking for an exact equivalent. Just a good time on two wheels meeting new people

I'll be sure to drop a reply in here once I'm actually in town and sorted with a ute, would love to be shown some of the hidden gems and unsanctioned stuff as they almost always result in a really good day out


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Georgetown is on its way to being equal to Derby…just without the fluff and “New Riders”Add that into the memory bank when heading Tasmania bound. Just bank the flights when sales are on. Melb to Launceston/Hobart is quick as you know. Buy a spare bike and leave it here haha.


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For reference sake my favorite local trail is only about 2 minutes long and has an elevation drop of roughly 90m so I'm more than pleased with lapping smaller stuff.
The You Yangs will make you feel like you never left!

With the one glaringly obvious exception being there is nothing and I mean nothing resembling loam at the "Youies".



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Welcome mate.
Nothing to add that the others haven't already.
Other than to say there are a some cracking trails around, sometimes just need some local knowledge to find them.
Sure there would be more than a couple guys on here that could give you a tour when the time comes, just post up once your're here as others mentioned.

Not sure if I'll be back riding the good stuff by the time you arrive, but would also be more than happy to hook you up with a group who could show you some of the better local east side locations and also do regular trips out to Bright/Buller etc


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Once more thing @Kris-MK - a number of the ‘good’ trails and bike parks close in our winter. You might scrape in a ride at Lake Mountain (cascade trail is great) or Mt Buller but they will be closing around the time you arrive. Also Maydena in Tas will close around that time. Others will know exact dates but it might depend a bit on weather.

Bright and the Mystic park are open year round as are red hill, silvan etc but there are some trails to avoid when conditions are sloppy.

Also, please note no one has suggested riding at Lysterfield. You will undoubtedly see it on Trailforks ect and note it is close by in the eastern suburbs. It is generally pretty flat and very packed with people as it is close to where a lot of people in melbourne live.

It can still be fun if it’s your best/only option but there are other places more fun.