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Old and hopeless
I've been to the TT races once. Absolutely THE BEST week any motorcycle fan will have.
Me too, I have been only once, but over 40 years ago in ‘81. Insane, loved it.

The track… the curbs, the stone gutters, the brick walls, the power poles, the stone fences,
the endless concrete, the unfortunate road camber, the culverts, Ballaughs Bridge, Mad Sunday, the old local biddies knitting in their front yard watching madmen hurl their bikes within inches of their picket fences… the IOM.

The sheer number of bikes in Douglas is a sight you will never see anywhere. Period.

I saw registered kneelers (mad Germans) on the road, a road going registered TZ700 WTF that’s like riding a light switch, a handmade V4 Triumph with 2 grafted Trumpy twins, and endless classics like Vellocettes, Vincents, AJ’s and other exotica.

Yep, if you can go.., you should


Ask me about HoboBlo franchise opportunities
Insurance recommendations???
On my KTM - I use Mi-Bike it was stupid cheap - MT 10 - QBE
Never claimed so no idea if they suck during a claim process - I honestly believe you will find people that like and or hate every insurance company if you look hard enough - Your unique situation will govern the premiums - start getting quotes and compare policies - I was with Swann on the Ninja and it had no gear cover - moved to QBE and for $2.25 less per year I also got $4000 gear cover.
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