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I'll tells ya!
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....and who said that the organisers wouldn't be paying attention to this forum?

Thanks for the update, best of luck in rescheduling, really heartening to think that you're moving forward in a good direction with this.


Appreciate the update Alan...

By the sounds of it I wont be holding my breath for a reschedule.
But more than happy to be proven wrong late Wednesday arvo. :thumb:

Keep up the good work !


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I saw "Kowalski Brothers replied to.." etc. pop up on my phone and immediately had that "oh shit.. DAD'S HOME!" feeling ha ha!


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Newsletter to be sent out this afternoon sometime. Not holding my breath, but here's hoping for a rescheduled date!


Pitch fork cant be sharpened anymore..... and torch is also burning out......

lets place bets on when we will hear news.....

I say 4pm

Kowalski Brothers

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Not long now...

Hi all
I'm working on it, but clearly I chose the wrong day to change the Transact / iinet box when I booked it in three weeks ago. The unit is plugged in, the lights are on and no connection. I am assured a technician will call me soon regarding why.
In the interim, I am connected via personal hotspot and not getting great speed, so it may be tomorrow morning before entrants see our newsletter. Just so you know, we're not pausing for effect. Bear with us a little longer.


had a feeling it would be cancelled..... :yuck:

but "30% discount off the race fee for Mont 24 2015" is a kick in the balls......
assuming its $180 again, thats $126
+ $180 for what I've paid.... thats $300~ for A race in books.

honestly expected at least 50% AT A MINIMUM !

and free socks with my $30 shirt......+ $11 shipping. mhmmmmmmm Bargin !


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Cancelled. No new date

You can get a discount on the kowalskis classic or next years mont - about $50 worth

Bottom line. The riders shoulder the risk and take the hit.

Edit Fair? Kidding me .....

The only way for me to get $50 back, is to give self propelled another $50 on top of the $180 I've already given them for no return. A better example of good money after bad?
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ACCC in 3, 2, 1.......

I have no vested interest in had outcomes just curious if squeaky wheels will get the grease. The contract will more than likely be found invalid and no product was delivered. I am sure the organisers had a legal team draft the wording and such but will be interesting.

Edit.... My opinion best results for the organisers would be if financials are made public. Yes they spent money but they won't be out of pocket. I think the community as a whole would put more empathy in knowing absolutely no profit was made. ( not like apples profit where it is spent of held over for R&D )
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