Sold Manitou Machete 29"/27.5+"15mm Boost 140mm SOLD


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Item: Manitou Machete Fork
Location: SE Melb
Item Condition: Very good, Near new, less than 6 rides old.
Reason for selling: Surplus
Price and price conditions: $250 + post
Extra Info: 29" or 27.5+" wheel, 140mm Travel (internally adjustable), 15mm Boost axle, 51mm offset, air spring, 32mm Stanchions, 180mm tapered steerer. Comes with a red plastic token thingo, (I'm assuming this is how you adjust the travel down) and star nut installed.
more product info here:
Bought this from CRC for a kids trailer bike project. Shortly after completion a second hand fork popped I couldn't say no to, this has been sitting in the box ever since. Its a basic fork but was surprisingly good for XC/Trail riding.



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Would you mind weighing it, and measuring the axle-to-crown? I am looking to replace a 27.5 * 140mm Recon with something lighter.


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specs in link
I had missed that .. though is it the same fork? Photos above show black plastic lockout lever vs the red alloy one at CRC. I'm assuming it's the Machete Comp.

I'm guessing the 550mm a2c that CRC list is right though, but it seems I want the 27.5" (not plus) version of this fork to get same 530mm as the Recon. So i'll keep looking.

they are not terrible at all.
Got the Machete Junit in both 20" and 24" here (and a Circus Expert) and they seem great, super plush. But the 20" bike is too small now so new bike arrived with 27.5" Recon and is too heavy, so got a bit excited at the idea of a third Machete for a moment.