Looking for decent table tops around melb


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Hey all!

I’ve recently gotten back into mountain bikes/jumps for the first time in about 15 years.

Not as nimble as I used to be when I was a kid without worries, now can’t afford to take time off work due to broken bones, so I’m trying to find my groove on jumps again before diving back into hitting doubles.

Can anyone suggest any locations around melb that have decent table tops that I can relearn on?

Cheers in advance!


Cannon Fodder
Also, I’ve already been to The quarry track behind vic uni, and the jumps near the skate park in Kensington, and they’re fine but a bit too small. I’m looking for something a bit bigger that I can hit with a bit of speed and go a bit bigger.

thanks in advance!


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Dirt jumps behind Beasleys Nursery lower templestowe. Drive up the dirt road behind the Nursery and they are on your right hand side, more jumps than you can poke a stick at


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Hill 'n' Dale BMX Park

90 Summerhill Rd, Glen Iris VIC 3146
(03) 9278 4444 https://g.co/kgs/P5ndnw
This ^^^
Note that they are both big, and concrete. (sides have some shredded rubber mat covering), but casing the tabletops won't tickle. ;)

There is also a dirt jumps park in Altona that has a beginner line and more advanced lines. cant speak to their current condition though.

Cnr Queen Street and Andrew Park Drive, Altona 3018
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