Looking for a trail near Lorne


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hey all,

I've come across posts about a loop circuit somewhere on the Great Ocean Road - it's set out as a hiking trail but people also ride it.. but I'm stuffed if I can remember what it's called. I believe it starts and finishes at a car park and it's a loop.... I'm thinking of heading down during the hotter weather later this week for a hike with my boys but it would help if I know where I'm going :) Any ideas? I think it's 15-20 kays?


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Just a followup on this... it's a pretty cool trail. There are toilets and also reticulated water near the BBQ/picnic area at the trailhead. As you take the turnoff from Aireys Inlet go left at the T and the trailhead is 500m up on the right... don't go kilometers down dirt roads like I did.

I saw 4 MTB riders and 0 hikers... also interesting that the trail is marked shared use which is pretty neat. Going counter clockwise it's a gentle uphill about 3/4 of the length of the trail then a moderately descending section back to the car. It's singletrack but a very well maintained trail, there are a few techy bits but otherwise a green/light blue trail, the challenge is in that it's almost always up or down, not much flat... so younger folk would be fine riding it as long as they can do 10 kays with a fair amount of up.

I wouldn't drive from Melbourne just to do this trail, but if you're in the area I'd recommend it.


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It's a good fun spin, 2 loops are enough. Don't ride it clockwise, it's boring as buggery. There's also some moto single tracks nearby that aren't bad to ride.


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I normally ride up clockwise to the road, ride down the fast bit to just past the waterfall, turn around, ride back up to the top and down the bit I first rode up. Also add another bit of loop or do it all again.
As mentioned there's nothing too techy, but a 7 min descent with a 30k average speed is a good blast!