Little Things You Love


Random Krishna
Thought this was a LTIL until I saw the seat tube, then it changed to LTIH
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The ad should say - "Needs new frame, to tidy up the one I fucked"
I'd hate to see a bike they thought was in bad condition. Perhaps a slag puddle of melted alloy. :oops:


Captain obvious
We got a free upgrade to our car yesterday..
Mrs sent me a photo of a hailstone the size of a golfball from a storm that came through about lunchtime, stripped all the foliage off most of the small trees in the front yard, smashed up the stone guard on the bonnet of the car and smashed up the wind deflector on the R/H side, but the bonnet and drivers side panels now have dimples, just like a golf ball...scientifically proven to increase turbulance to reduce drag = better fuel economy!
LTIL..not owning a wanky european car that would now be an enormous PITA to get fixed through insurance