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call me Cáitín
Being back at the gym after a near 2 week hiatus. I suck at everything and I don't care.
LTISUF (little things I signed up for)

Gym membership, signed up for a year last June, went for 6 months. Took a 6 week break to go to Tassie, they charge me a half price retainer for the 6 weeks (buried in the small print), go to cancel it a couple of weeks ago. I have 6 weeks added on due to my break :rolleyes:

Dales Cannon

The Olden Dazed
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LTIL going to the cold coast car museum today. Seems to be some cool Ford's there.
Told my partner there is a restaurant to kill time in when they get bored.
Might soil my eyes with a Monaro as well:oops:
DJ'S place? If not worth a visit while you are there. They like to talk about geology I found. Metamorphic rocks in Bathurst specifically.