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I think I've made an impression of the good kind in the four months I've been at my new work. Getting my timesheet signed off today, second boss who I don't normally work under casually asked if I'd be interested in shifting to a different area. Expanding a tiny bit, he said, "pretty high-tech & intricate mouldings, which we think are right up your alley". I'll take that! :D
Congratulations on the sideways shuffle.

Sorry. I thought I was being ironic? Obviously not. A bit like Alanis Morissette and her completely non ironic lyrics to her song 'Ironic'.
Is it now ironic?


with a big stick
Working on the fundamental mechanical principles, rim brakes are a type of disc brake. They just have a really shit pad contact area for the "rotor" size.
I know. We are getting into stupid semantics here. There’s a million things we call things that aren’t that thing, for convenience and simplicity.
By all means, refer to all rim brake wheels as discs, then enjoy the ensuing arguments and confusion ;)