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Gianni Bugno is retired, and what a former pro may prefer is relevant to 95% of other cyclists?

Sorry. I thought I was being ironic? Obviously not. A bit like Alanis Morissette and her completely non ironic lyrics to her song 'Ironic'.

No one is forcing you to buy a disc brake roadie...ride what you want.

Very true. But they are forcing me to vote in another pissing contest in a couple of weeks.
Roadies don't need anywhere near the same braking power as an MTB and while they'll all weighing their scrotum hair to save a nano-gram, they are adding a shit load in the form of calipers, rotors, hydro levers, hydraulic cables. Not to mention the added gyroscopic effect (re: stress) on the hubs. Next time you have a bike in the stand, spin the rear wheel as hard as you can and try to stop it at the hub and then the rim. See which you have more luck with?
Disc brakes on roadies aren't about stopping power, it's about modulation which the previous generation of carbon rim brake wheels failed at in comparison to discs. This is without bringing in carbon rims in the wet...
Also noting that we are still stuck at the 6.8(?)kg weight limit posed by the UCI and a team like Ineos was struggling to hit it with their Pinarello frames is why they were the last hold out for discs. Every other team can hit the mark and exceed it, thats why pro's don't care. If the limit is reduced things may change

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With carbon rims it is about braking power. Although advancements in pad compounds and rim surface trearments over the years have brought big improvements in performance, they're still not face-peelingly powerful. Rim brake modulation on any material is a bit ordinary because cable friction comes into play. Where discs really win aside from the modulation is the low input effort required to engage high power, and the better consistency of performance in mixed conditions.


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Related to my LTIH post - I am kinda enjoying replying to every DM that I am getting about my bike with the link to the ad where it has been relisted and telling them to offer him the same price he bought it from me just a couple of days ago.....