Little Things You Love

pink poodle

aka stickchops
Let's just say he's not a natural born mountain biker. It's only been a month or so since I managed to convince him to lower his saddle and sacrifice a bit of leg extension in favour of a lower centre of gravity.

And that jump wasn't huge.
Thats a big call coming from someone who grabs his crucifix every time he sees a dropper post operating.

He seems happy but two finger braking?
Hills are pretty steep out Cardy's way.


Knows which side his bread is butthurt
@ozzybmx @Tubbsy @Jpez and other Deviate owners. Yar or Nar. Swipe for more photos.
I like the colour although tan seems to be a bit fashionable lately. In truth I don’t love the Deviate frame. It’s a good looking bike but only in XL and black. To my eyes anyway. Anything smaller than an XL they start to look a bit squished and the frame shape is a bit wonk because of the excessively low top tube. Don’t like any of the other HP frame shapes either except for the Acto5.
Just wish @Tubbsy would hurry up and buy one!


LTIL - Buying a seat post of @Tubbsy who described it scratched from insertion for my parts bike, turns out it looks better than mine on my Salsa (mine done thousands of K’s and looks it) and the scratches are below insertion level.
LTIH - After deciding to put said seat post on the salsa and move it to parts bike, it was rather hard to remove, mmm maybe it’s just the carbon grease. Yeah nah, seems to have gotten some moisture in there, well it’s ridden in all types of weather, looking down the tube seems to be surface rust nothing bad but time to strip it down and clean it out. Going to do it properly pull off cranks bottom bracket clean it out plus check out the threads for the BB and fish oil everything.
Another LTIH - Go to remove the bottom bracket remember it’s the pain in the arse XT small sucker, go to find the adapter tool to remove. Where is it, ask my daughter who moved some of the tools etc from the garage when she moved in there, “um I may have thrown it out or put it somewhere” looks like it fell on the floor and she didn’t realise it was important.
LTIL- ring around a few shops seeing if they have one, Shaws in Ballarat yeah I got a spare one come and grab it, not that I can ride much but best time to clean and it fix a small problem now