Little Things You Love

Dales Cannon

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Rodney Marsh.
As a kid anyway, when I followed cricket. Was my favourite player.
Vale Marshy.
Met him a few times. A real bear of a man, funny as fuck. Friend's car had a flat battery and wouldn't start, the Oz boys were staying at the Travelodge next to our flat. 6 pissed cricketers pushing an aged Bellet across the story bridge. Friend shit scared they were trying to push the car into the river. They were.


"I am over 1000 kg"
I remember listening to the one day matches on AM radio as a kid on the way to and from the grandparents house. Edge of your seat type stuff. If Australia was in a bind it was always exciting when Marshy took to the crease. Either the ball was going over the fence or he was going back to the pavilion - there was no holding back. Thinking back I think were lucky dad didn't crash the car with all the tension/excitement.