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with a big stick
Cheers all for the messages of support and sympathy. If I haven't responded, apologies, I didn't feel up to reminders of what I was missing out on.
Been having some digital detox while dealing with the fallout of quarantining and missing the TransTas.
FYI, wife is asymptomatic, she was notified of positive PCR result Friday, from test done on her first shift back at ICU on Tuesdays nightshift after 3 weeks leave, galivanting around NSW with the kids and in-laws for a fortnight. If she hadn't been at work, would never have known, and I'd be suffering at Maydena today with @Jpez, @Boom King and the rest of the poor Farkin bastards.
She had negative RAT Tuesday and again on her Thursday night shift. Kids and I have all had multiple negative RATs and no one has any symptoms, so if I was a betting man, I'd say she was infected weeks ago, probably the kids too (maybe me, fuck knows at this point), but no one knew, and her PCR picking it up late. RATs appear next to useless, it seems to me. All in-laws are asymptomatic and testing negative also thankfully.
Here's to another 12 months of training for the 2023 TransTas.


with a big stick
Pending final clear tests tomorrow, Felix, Quinn and I are off to the Falls Creek round of the State Enduro Series on the weekend.
Jumped on the waitlist Friday, it was pretty long but has been decimated thanks to Covid.
I'm starting to see a silver lining in this whole pandemic thing.