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Our man isn't in the West
Maybe this isn't schadenfreude, but I have enjoyed watching more than a few people try and get into this closed cafe this morning. A fairly accurate quote of one couple:

I think it's closed? (well no's lunch time, windows are shuttered, no tables out, door closed, no signs out...all looks pretty obvious to me)

No it's open, the lunch here is great. (True, the food is great, when they are open)

Dude tries to open locked door. Fails. Tries again. Gives it some muscle and shoulder.

I think it's closed...(well thanks Sherlock!)

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Dr. Beebenson, PhD HA, ST, Offset (hons)
Barbie's been sending it since the late 90s lads. Full working cranks and everything. Clearly cased the shit out of something though.
Looks like @safreek put her bike together though…

(To be fair - You’ve come a long way from your early efforts freeky! :))